Bettina C

I broke my foot last year, so I couldn’t walk my dog. I looked up dog walkers online (I was new to town at the time), and Shoreline Happy Paws was one of the first listings, so I gave them a call. From the moment my dog met Adriana and Chris, she was smitten. My rescue pup can be hesitant and super-shy, but she had the zoomies right away, and still runs out of the house to greet them every day. She has also been a reactive dog, traditionally, but in Chris and Adriana’s capable hands (and now with her new favorite dog walker, Abby), she is relaxed and happy, and utterly at ease with other dogs. It’s amazing to see the transformation in confidence she’s undergone. My foot has healed well, but I have kept the daily walks and hikes with the Shoreline crew because my pup loves them so much. (They’re also super-kind with people, too). 😄 I wholeheartedly recommend them!