Ann & Martin M

Our dogs all love the staff of SHP when they come to the house, particularly Ava who goes crazy when she realizes they are here to pick her up for a hike. We lead complicated lives with lots of travel and we could not manage without the help of Adriana, Chris and their staff , all of whom are wonderful, friendly, dog-loving people. They have gone out of their way to help us over the years and we very much appreciate their services. I would not hesitate to recommend SHP to anyone who needs doggy help.

Ava, Callie & Kenzo
Paula R.

The two persons who came to spend kitty time with my cats, and to feed, refresh water and clean the litter box, were superb. One person came every morning, the other every afternoon, and I received daily reports and awesome photos from each of them. The photos were close-ups on the cats’ level so I know the photographers were down on the floor. That goes beyond the call of duty. And the kitties were obviously so happy . . .

Milos & Tucker

Shoreline Happy Paws was our first experience with home visit pet care. We were very nervous about this type of pet care and took time to do our research. It was better than we expected. It was much better than kenneling our Molly! The customer service and communication during visits through the app was amazing and fun! We would get pictures of the visits and it put us at ease while away for work in another state for a week

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