What is a Dog Walk?

May 31, 2022
By: Adriana Valle

One of our most recent blogs covered the importance of exercise in our dogs’ daily lives. Today, we’ll answer the common question, “what is a dog walk,” and how does a “dog walk” differ from a “pet sit.”

Dog Walking vs Pet Sitting

It’s important to note that not all dog walkers offer pet sitting services, and not all pet sitters offer dog walking services.

The term “dog walking” refers to services that are performed while dog owners and guardians are working. Professional dog walkers originated in urban areas and suburbs where professionals needed help getting their dogs out for a potty break. These dogs needed to stretch their legs while their guardians were busy climbing the corporate ladder and commuting. Dog walking is synonymous with “midday dog walking” because the term implies a weekday, middle-of-the-day visit for dogs specifically. At Shoreline Happy Paws, we perform dog walks between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday.

“Pet sitting” is a term synonymous with “travel pet care” and applies to cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, exotics, etc. Pet sitting services are performed in the morning, midday, evening, late at night, or overnight. Pets remain in their home, which is of great benefit to them. Pet sitting visits can range from a short 15-minute visit for shy cats that simply need refreshed bowls and clean litter boxes to 12 and 24-hour extended care visits for puppies and senior pets with special needs. The goal of pet sitting is to replace the pet’s family while they are traveling for at least a 24-hour period. Feeding, exercise, medication administration, etc. all fall under the term “pet sitting.”

Dog Walks Explained

In the pet care industry, dog walkers give dogs a break that includes a walk and/or playtime in the yard, water refresh, pets, treats, and companionship.

Shoreline Happy Paw’s dog walking services range from shorter potty breaks to longer exercise walks, also known as adventure hikes We can feed and medicate during these visits but this is not customary because most guardians take care of those tasks before they leave for the office or return in the evening. We price dog walks differently than pet sits because we only offer them on weekdays.

Shoreline Happy Paws Is a One-Stop Shop

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When you hire Shoreline Happy Paws, you get both a dog walking and pet sitting service. We even offer group adventure hikes! Our team of care providers offers visits for working professionals and traveling families alike. We make ourselves available so that you hire one professional pet care service to help with all your walking and sitting needs.

To learn more about Shoreline Happy Paws and our dog walking and pet sitting services, email info@cthappypaws.com or call 860-964-0464.

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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