Pro Pet Sitters vs Pet Care Apps: Insurance & Liability

February 07, 2022
By: Adriana Valle

Per our previous post about pro pet sitters vs pet care apps, Shoreline Happy Paws is insured in multiple ways to ensure that our business, clients, pet(s), and workers are protected. Pet care apps are not.

Bites & Scratches

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At Shoreline Happy Paws, our liability policy protects you if your pet bites or otherwise hurts a caregiver or neighbor while in our care.

Meanwhile, some dog walking apps state in their Terms of Service that users are responsible for the actions of their pet(s). In other words, if your pet care provider puts your pet in a situation where he or she bites or scratches, you are responsible, even if you were 2,000 miles away when the incident occurred.

Pet Safety

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While pet injuries and losses are rare in the presence of trained and experienced caregivers, the possibility exists. Heaven forbid that a pet gets hurt or lost while in our care, Shoreline Happy Paws’ liability insurance covers both veterinary and replacement costs if ever needed.

Unfortunately, pet parents that use a pet care app do not get the same protection. A social media or online search will yield countless instances in which pets have gone missing or been fatally injured in the care of an app-based caregiver. Pet parents are usually left with nothing but regret because the app-based services do very little for these devastated families. 

Personal Property

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Pet parents are sometimes concerned that allowing a stranger into their home may result in theft. With Shoreline Happy Paws, we offer a consultation before starting services, feature a small team of dedicated caregivers, conduct all background checks internally, and vet our employees in great detail, therefore, the chances of something being taken are slim to none. In 12 years in business, we have not had any claims for theft. If we were to have a claim, however, our dishonesty bond covers your missing item or items.

App-based pet care services state in their Terms of Service that they are not responsible for lost or missing items. In fact, they waive all liability.

Pet Sitter Injury

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While unlikely, a pet care provider could get injured while accessing your home or caring for your pet. For this reason, Shoreline Happy Paws hires employees and covers them under a comprehensive Workers Compensation policy.

Should a caregiver get injured in or around your home/pet while representing an app-based platform, however, you would be expected to cover associated costs, whether they be medical bills or income loss associated with an extended recovery. And, your liability coverage may not include these scenarios, which would leave you paying out of pocket.

Stick to a Professional Pet Service

At Shoreline Happy Paws, we work closely with our insurance providers to design coverage that adequately protects our clients, our team, and the pets in our care. Insurance coverage is one of the many ways we ensure your peace of mind.

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Shoreline Happy Paws is a professional pet care company based in Old Saybrook and serving surrounding areas. We provide quality care dog walking and pet sitting services in the CT Shoreline. To learn more, contact us via our online form, call 860-964-0464, or email

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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