Pet-Friendly Travel

March 07, 2022
By: Adriana Valle

We recently wrote about springtime day-tripping and all the fun that Shoreline CT families can have nearby. Today, we want to discuss planning pet-friendly travel, overnight stays, road trips, and flying with pets.

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 37% of animal owners travel with their pets yearly, up by 19% over the last decade. While including our pets in our travels is a great way to keep them active, social, and engaged, there are several things you should consider when planning to bring your pet along.


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In this day and age, pet-friendly hotels, motels, and rentals are widely available in most areas. Finding them is easy on travel sites like Expedia that allow travelers to search for pet-friendly properties using filters.

To keep pet-friendly properties friendly, we ask that you please follow their pet policies, pay the required pet fee, if any, and leave your hotel room or rental home in as good shape as you found it. Pet parents that neglect to set their pets up for success in new places, allow their pets to cause damage, and/or fail to play by the rules make it difficult for other pet parents.


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When booking air travel with your pet, it’s important to understand that airlines have a maximum number of pets they can allow in the cabin during each flight. Before booking your tickets, call the airline and ask about their pet policies, pet age and size maximums, breed limitations, health requirements, carrier size limits, etc.

In preparation for your pet’s travel by air, please make sure you discuss concerns with your veterinarian, acclimate your pet to their carrier using positive reinforcement and high-level treats, and familiarize yourself with these tips for flying with a pet from 


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As discussed in our last post, taking a road trip requires planning. Most importantly, please make sure your pet has a safe place to travel in the car – a hammock, a carrier, a crate, or even simply wearing a seatbelt.

Your pet should be restrained in a way that keeps them from being propelled into or around the vehicle in an accident. It is said that carriers that fit on the floor behind the passenger seat should be placed there for ultimate protection.


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When planning to sightsee and explore a new city or area with your pet, please consider equipment, temperatures, climate, etc. Please also have a plan for where your pet will stay if they are not welcome in a particular venue.

Please remember that your pet will want regular meals, water, playtime, and opportunities to relieve themselves even though you’re on vacation. It’s important to be realistic about your itinerary and what it will allow with your pet in tow.

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Traveling with pets can be fun but it can also add a layer of responsibility that pet parents may want to avoid when looking to relax. For this reason, if you decide to venture out without your pets this year, count on our team to care for them in the comfort of your home. Shoreline Happy Paws is based in Old Saybrook and serves surrounding areas. To learn more about Shoreline Happy Paws, contact us via our online form, call 860-964-0464, or email

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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