How Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Help Busy Families

February 06, 2024
By: Adriana Valle

Most parents are at capacity. We see it all the time, between work demands and raising a family, it seems like the tasks, commitments, and deadlines never end. But, having a pet is a gift that most families don’t want to give up, even if pet parenting adds to their many responsibilities. Today, we’re going to share how dog walkers and pet sitters help busy families so that you count on your professional pet care providers for support when you and your family need it most. For ways in which we help new moms and moms-to-be, click here.

How Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Help Busy Families: Walking Dogs

dog walker old saybrook

Dog walkers are known for being helpful when families are potty training their puppies. We are also a lifesaver when families have senior dogs with incontinence and cannot let them out frequently enough.

Working professionals and busy families rely on us for the potty basics above, but can also count on us to help exercise their dogs at any age. Because dogs require a lot more exercise than most families can provide, most pet dogs are living sedentary lifestyles and developing related behavioral concerns and illnesses such as obesity and cognitive decline. Our dog’s wild counterparts walk miles upon miles per day yet most of our dogs lie on their beds or our couches all day.

By delegating your dog’s potty breaks and exercise, you ensure their needs are met while you and your family can focus on the many balls you have in the air. And, check out our dog hiking services for those dogs that really like to work up a sweat.

How Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Help Busy Families: Exercising Cats

cat sitter old saybrook

Cats are no different from dogs, they too require exercise, play, and enrichment. From chasing prey, pouncing on critters, or stalking and catching birds, outdoor cats spend a lot of their day being active. While our indoor cats thankfully enjoy a safer, longer, more comfortable life, they still have urges to hunt and play.

Shoreline Happy Paws provides cat-specific services during which we can play with, exercise, and enrich your cat’s life whether you’re at work or traveling. Delegating exercise and playtime to a trusted professional dog walker or pet sitter is the first step to balancing your life and your pet’s well-being. Your cat (and furniture) will thank you!

How Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Help Busy Families: Scooping Litter Boxes

cat sitter old saybrook

We’ve seen it before that an otherwise active, healthy client goes in for surgery, gets debilitating pregnancy nausea, receives a concerning diagnosis, or gets injured and cannot keep up with their litter box duties.

At Shoreline Happy Paws, we offer services to get help during challenging times. Whether you are physically unable to bend down to scoop your litter box or have trouble scooping or cleaning your litter box due to a health condition, we’re happy to lend a hand. Our team can come to your home to provide customized services that keep your home smelling fresh and your cat feeling like nothing has changed, even if your physical condition has.

How Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Help Busy Families: Travel Pet Care

cat sitter old saybrook

When it’s time to take a break, visit family, or take a vacation, having a trusted dog walker or pet sitter to care for your pets in your home makes life easy. It’s certainly easier than having to transport pets to and from boarding facilities and also keeps pets in their home environment, which is their favorite place to be.

Having an established relationship with a professional dog walker or pet sitter is key to making travel plans come together seamlessly. Whenever you book your trip, immediately book your pet care and you’ll be on your way. We, of course, encourage you to book at least 6 weeks out for off-peak dates and 2+ months before holidays. Because our services are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, the early bird always catches the worm.

dog walking pet sitting ct shoreline

Connecticut Shoreline Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Whether you’re working on a big project at work, running home late after extracurricular activities, or simply have more on your plate than you can handle, delegate some of your pet care tasks to us. We’re happy to help you and your family live in harmony, ensuring that your pets have their needs met so that you can meet yours and your loved ones’ needs.

Existing clients may book dog walking, dog hiking, or pet sitting services by logging in to your client profile. If you are new to Shoreline Happy Paws and would like to discuss your pet care needs, please create an account. We will be in touch to further discuss your needs and set you, your family, and your pet(s) up for success.

Shoreline Happy Paws serves the following areas of the Connecticut Shoreline:

  • Old Saybrook
  • Essex, Ivoryton & Centerbrook
  • Deep River
  • Chester
  • Westbrook
  • Clinton
  • Old Lyme
  • East Lyme
  • Niantic

Certain Parts and Certain Service Hours in:

  • Lyme and Madison
  • Waterford, New London, Groton
  • Uncasville, Gales Ferry, Mystic, Noank 

We look forward to being a part of your village!

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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