How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be

January 29, 2024
By: Adriana Valle

We recently shared two blog posts about coyote activity during mating and breeding seasons. These posts got us thinking about how strong a mother’s will is to take care of her young, human moms included. While springtime is not the only time of year humans can have babies, it is a time when a dog walker can help mothers as they settle into their overwhelmingly demanding and unpredictable role. Let’s discuss how dog walkers help moms and moms-to-be and why we think every expectant mom who is also a dogmom should have dog walks scheduled long before the baby’s due date.

How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be: Baby Prep

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When prepping for a baby, new moms go through a nesting stage, which is when they often have an incessant need to prepare for their new bundle of joy by stocking supplies, organizing baby clothes, and decorating the baby’s room. During this period, moms are often in their third trimester of pregnancy, a time that may be uncomfortable, exhausting, and even painful.

Once a new mom reaches the third trimester, dogs can start to notice some big changes in the home. Furniture often gets moved around, new furniture and items enter the home, and family and friends may start to visit more often. It is said that dogs notice when their owner is pregnant – smelling hormonal and energy changes. According to an article by the American Kennel Club and Dr. Rachel Barrack, DVM, “your dog is smart enough to pick up on these changes during pregnancy, both in a physical way — which is how your body will be changing, your stomach, your smell — and in an emotional way, such as your feelings and your mood,” she says.

Especially as moms reach their due date, they can experience changes that affect their ability to keep their dogs on their usual exercise routine. For this reason, having a dog walker lined up at the beginning of the third trimester is a great way to prepare for the big day and ensure that the dog’s needs are being met while mama focuses on preparing for what will be one of the busiest times of her life.

How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be: Birth & Hospital Stays

Most dog walkers also offer pet sitting services, which are sure to come in handy when baby makes their debut. If a family engages the help of a dog walker, even a couple times a week, leading up to the baby’s birth, the same dog walker can be hired to care for the dog while mom and her partner are in the hospital or birthing center. He or she can stop by multiple times per day to walk and feed the dog while the family is in a hospital or birthing center.

dog walking services old saybrook

Because the dog will have an established relationship with their care provider, he or she will be at ease and can receive the feeding, exercise, and daily care they need while mom is away. New moms and babies may be hospitalized for birth for anywhere from 2 to 4 days, barring any complications. During that time, dogs that have a scheduled dog walker or pet sitter can enjoy their home environment, routine, and personalized attention while mom and baby get the care they need.

Heaven forbid baby comes early or has a difficult birth, a dog walker/pet sitter can help the family with pet care while they focus their attention on their NICU baby, as they should.

How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be: Postpartum Period

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No matter how much experience a mom has, first-time mom or fifth-time mom, the postpartum period can be extremely difficult. First-time moms have to learn how to juggle the demands of a newborn while moms of multiples have to somehow balance their newborn’s demands with their other children’s needs and feelings.

Because of all that the postpartum period entails, it’s no wonder that pets – dogs in particular – experience a significant change in routine and, unfortunately, don’t usually get the attention and exercise they are used to. As much as moms and their partners may try, new babies tend to become the priority and pets often feel the void.

Thankfully, a professional dog walker can take a lot of the pet-related pressure off the new parents’ plate. They can come in once daily – or more, if needed – to interact with the dog, feed him, refresh his water, show him affection, etc. They can also drive pets to and from grooming and vet appointments, wash pet bowls, and more.

While a dog walker cannot replace the dog’s mom, dad, etc. they can brighten the dog’s day and reduce some of the inevitable ‘mom guilt’ that most moms experience when parenting their new human baby after focusing their attention on their furbabies for so long.

How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be: Long After Birth

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Dog walkers are a huge help for moms with newborns and toddlers but, what about those with busy school-aged kids? They too need all the help they can get!

When parents work, kids have school and extracurricular activities, and household chores seem never-ending, families need to be able to outsource some of their responsibilities. By finding a trusted professional dog walker to pitch-in with the canine-related tasks, moms enjoy much-deserved peace of mind and may be able to get a bit of much-needed rest.

How Dog Walkers Help Moms & Moms-to-Be: The Perfect Gift Idea

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While most new parents will register for cribs, high chairs, and diaper cream, we think that the best gift a new family can get is help.

In the case of a family with pets, purchasing dog walks or pet sits for the family is a great way to pitch in. For this reason, we encourage friends and loved ones to contact us to prepay visits for pet lovers in our service area.

For families that have not yet registered as clients, we encourage you to discuss your plan with the new parents in your life to provide some information on our company and services. Once they feel comfortable doing so, we’d love to discuss their pet’s needs and how we may be of service.

For those that are existing clients, please reach out to discuss applying a credit on the new mom’s Shoreline Happy Paws account.

Connecticut Shoreline Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Existing clients may book dog walking, dog hiking, or pet sitting services by logging in to your client profile. If you are new to Shoreline Happy Paws and would like to discuss your pet care needs, please create an account. We will be in touch to further discuss your due date, practice visits, etc. to set you and your family up for success when your baby arrives.

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We wish you all the best in your parenting journey and look forward to being a part of your village!

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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