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August 01, 2022
By: Adriana Valle
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Summer is about to wrap! Parents everywhere are relieved. They are thankful that their children will turn off their tablets, return to school, and get back on a set schedule. While CT River Valley and Shoreline families look to the fall semester and back-to-school shopping, our team at Shoreline Happy Paws is excited about getting dogs back into their routines for their benefit and that of their families. Today, we want to cover the importance of dogs & routines.

Benefits for Dogs

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Dog walking and hiking adventures are incredibly valuable for dogs of all ages. We have clients that are considered “geriatric” that thoroughly enjoy midday strolls around their neighborhood. 

We see the excitement and readiness in each dog’s eyes when we arrive to take them for walks. They love to stretch their legs, exercise their bodies, and sniff around. Regular walking keeps their bones healthy, muscles toned, and minds engaged. Their hearts are happy and they are healthy because gentle exercise can prevent cardiac health decline, especially in senior dogs.

Puppies, like young children, are full of energy. They want to explore and take in as much of their environment as they can. Our custom-designed dog walks and hiking adventures are a great way to socialize puppies with other humans and dogs. They also provide them the opportunity to relieve themselves while their families are away for the day. We call that a potty training win!

Benefits for Parents

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Midday dog walks and hiking adventures are an excellent way to adjust to the back-to-school craze. Every fall, kids are challenged with new teachers, new friends, new subjects, and more. Parents are challenged to maintain a schedule that allows every member of the family to thrive: getting dinner ready at a certain time, leaving the house in the morning to avoid drop-off drama, etc. With all they have going on, families tend to forget that their four-legged best friends also need attention. They too are adjusting. They suddenly go from having their human siblings home during the summer to being left alone for a greater part of the day.

Scheduling dogs for midday dog walks and/or hiking adventures, even once a week, alleviates some of the stress you’ll feel when being pulled in a million directions. Families have so much going on during the fall months. There are back-to-school, class dances, sporting events, and a dozen holidays. Delegating dog-centric care and activities just makes sense. Our professional dog walkers love to take the burden off our clients and give our undivided attention to their pets when they can’t. 

Benefits for Children

dogs shoreline ct

Teaching children that pets need one-on-one time and nurturing attention no matter how hectic our schedules get yields future dedicated and responsible pet parents. Modeling responsible pet ownership by enlisting the help of a professional pet sitter sends a message that it’s okay to ask for help when life’s demands make it impossible for us to meet our pets’ needs. 

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We believe that when the dog gets walked, everybody wins! To learn more about our dog walking and hiking services, please contact us at or 860-964-0464

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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