Conquering Springtime Shedding in Cats & Dogs

April 22, 2024
By: Adriana Valle

Spring has sprung in the Connecticut Shoreline! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and…your pet’s fur is taking over the house. Unfortunately, springtime often brings an increase in shedding for both cats and dogs. While messy, springtime shedding is a natural process. With a little effort, you can manage the tumbleweeds and keep your pet feeling and looking their best. Let’s talk about conquering springtime shedding in cats and dogs.

Conquering Springtime Shedding in cats & Dogs: the Why

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While indoor pets usually shed year-round, they may shed more at certain times of the year, due to changes in atmospheric temperature.

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, our pets shed their thick winter coats to make way for a lighter, cooler layer for the summer months. Seasonal shedding helps regulate their body temperature and keeps them comfortable in the warmer weather.

Conquering Springtime Shedding in cats & Dogs: the how

While shedding is natural, it doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life covered in pet hair. Following are some of our top tips to help manage your pet’s springtime shedding:

Conquering Springtime Shedding in Cats & Dogs: Brush it Off

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Brushing your pet regularly is the single most effective way to remove loose fur and prevent it from taking over your home. Aim for at least twice-weekly brushing sessions; more frequently for breeds with double coats. Use a comb or brush specifically designed for your pet’s fur type to remove loose hair without damaging the healthy coat. We love this comb for both long and short-haired cats.

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Conquering Springtime Shedding in Cats & Dogs: WASH it Off

Regular baths can help loosen dead hair and make brushing more effective. However, don’t overdo it! Bathing too frequently can strip your pet’s coat of its natural oils. Consult your veterinarian or a breed expert for advice on an appropriate bathing schedule for your pet.

Conquering Springtime Shedding in Cats & Dogs: KEEP IT ON

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A healthy diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can promote healthy skin and a shiny, strong coat, which can help reduce shedding. Consider including canned sardines in your pet’s diet or opt for a coat-specific supplement to add essential fatty acids and promote a healthy coat.

Always discuss diet changes and supplements with a trusted veterinarian. And, pay a visit to The Feed Bag in Old Saybrook to discuss the best diet for your specific pet, breed, size, and species.

Conquering Springtime Shedding in cats & Dogs: the concern

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While springtime shedding is normal, excessive hair loss could be a sign of an underlying health issue. If you notice your pet is losing fur in patches, has bald spots, or their skin is red or irritated, it’s important to schedule a visit with your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions.

According to Sploot Veterinary Care, “Nutritional deficiencies involving protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B7 (biotin) can also cause hair loss in dogs and cats. These nutrients are essential components that help in maintaining a thick, healthy coat. If you observe increased hair loss in your pet following a dietary change, there may be a chance that the new diet is not providing enough of the above essential nutrients.”

Conquering Springtime Shedding in cats & Dogs: the PET CARE TEAM

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Springtime shedding is a manageable part of pet ownership. By incorporating these tips into your pet’s routine, you can minimize shedding and keep everyone looking and feeling their best.

At Shoreline Happy Paws, our team is happy to help manage the springtime shed during visits. We can brush or comb your pet during both dog walking and pet sitting services as long as you provide the tool and give us instructions. Even a little extra brushing goes a long way in keeping your pet happy and healthy during this time of change.

New Shoreline Happy Paws clients can create an account. We will be in touch to further discuss your needs and set you, your family, and your pet(s) up for success. Existing clients may book dog walking, dog hiking, or pet sitting services by logging in to your client profile.

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By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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