Alternative Veterinary Treatments

October 09, 2023
By: Adriana Valle

Last week, we shared some of our favorite holistic veterinarians to follow online. Many of them see clients virtually. Unfortunately, some alternative veterinary treatments cannot be done remotely. For this reason, today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite local veterinarians and their holistic care options.

Pet Laser Therapy

Chester Veterinary Clinic, located at 264 Middlesex Turnpike in Chester, CT, offers integrative veterinary care for cats, dogs, and pocket pets. As a full-service veterinary hospital, Chester Veterinary Clinic offers dental and preventive care, surgery, chemotherapy, and more. They also offer pet laser therapy, which can be used to heal and treat a wide range of conditions.

According to Chester Veterinary Clinic’s website, laser therapy uses beams of light to alter cells and the tissue that surrounds them. When the light penetrates the body, it stimulates targeted cells and promotes healing. What’s really special about laser therapy is that it is entirely painless. While the illness or injury may feel painful, laser therapy will not make it more sensitive or irritated. We’ve seen clients use pet laser therapy for bug bites, arthritis, degenerative conditions, and tooth pain, among other things.

Pet Laser Therapy is a great option when trying to reduce inflammation, chronic pain, or irritation. Plus, it’s relatively affordable. Contact Chester Veterinary Clinic at (860) 526-5313 to learn more about this awesome integrative pet care treatment.

Veterinary Acupuncture

The use of veterinary acupuncture is becoming more and more mainstream. Many veterinarians, including Saybrook Veterinary Hospital, are recognizing its results in cases of aging, chronic pain, and disease.

Originating in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is known for its use of small gauge needles in different parts of the body. Many people are concerned that acupuncture hurts but the needles don’t have to go far into the skin to be effective. Most acupuncture patients won’t feel anything but minor pressure unless they have swelling or sensitivity in the area.

According to Saybrook Veterinary Hospital, “Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve endings near acupuncture points. These nerve fibers then conduct impulses to the brain and spinal cord, causing changes in the body that speed healing. Animal owners are showing a growing interest in this field in an effort to find the best care for their pets, especially when conventional medicine and surgery options may not have been successful.”

To learn more about how acupuncture might help your pet, contact Saybrook Veterinary Hospital at (860) 388-9681.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy can help dogs with typical aging and degenerative conditions feel better. Using pools or water treadmills, canine water therapy can take pressure off painful joints, provide arthritis relief, and improve muscle mass with little to no impact. It’s also anti-inflammatory, gentle, and a great way to keep dogs enriched and engaged.

According to Pet Wellness & Therapy, LLC in East Lyme, canine hydrotherapy provides weightless physical therapy while reducing the pressure of gravity and swelling on tissues. They further explain that “Hydrotherapy is known as the best type of therapy for spinal injuries and is highly recommended for fibrous cartilaginous embolisms in dogs.” Regular use helps maintain mobility and decreases arthritis in senior dogs, which keeps them moving and, in many cases, may extend their life because of its ability to restore quality of life and reduce pain and discomfort.

To learn more about canine hydrotherapy in the Connecticut Shoreline, contact (860) 863-1999.

Holistic Care for Cats & Dogs

The beauty of most alternative veterinary treatments is that they usually go hand in hand with conventional veterinary medicine. When veterinarians and pet care providers are open to trying new things, sick and aging pets can benefit from various modalities and treatment plans.

If you have a pet that is undergoing alternative treatments, we want to hear about it. Not only do we believe that educating ourselves can help other pets and pet parents, but we also want to know how we can help you and your pet during these treatments. Whether it be watching an injury after laser treatment or monitoring a limp that’s being addressed with veterinary acupuncture, please let us know so we can pay extra close attention to your pet’s healing. Because healing is a process and treatments aren’t going to be effective overnight, we encourage you to work with us and your veterinary team to get the most out of your pet’s alternative veterinary treatments.

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By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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