Annette L
Teddy & Pugsley

Review: We have 2 senior labs(11) ,one of whom has little use of his hind legs. Adriana has cared for “the boys “  on multiple occasions. She has spent the night with them at our home. Although they are “seniors” they require a lot of attention. One is very needy and likes constant petting! The other, who is handicapped can only walk if he has assistance, in a harness. He also has other medical issues. Needless to say it is extremely difficult to find someone who we can trust to care for both of them. We never worry when we have Adriana caring for them. She follows all the information we leave for her, medication schedules and is extremely punctual in her visits. The”boys” are always in good spirits and great shape when we return. Our house is well cared for, plants watered, house clean and linens washed. The best part is she really cares about the dogs and treats them with great affection. We feel very lucky to have found her!