Prevent Ticks in the CT Shoreline

September 06, 2023
By: Adriana Valle

As pet parents, we strive to do the very best we possibly can for our pets’ health and well-being. Unfortunately, navigating pet care can be overwhelming. Veterinarians, local pet supply store reps, and online gurus don’t always agree on what’s best for our pets. Information overload can then lead to analysis paralysis. Yet, as responsible pet parents, we have to make decisions about certain key aspects of our pet’s lives. One of those key aspects is how to prevent ticks in the CT Shoreline. Let’s discuss this important topic today!

Natural Tick Preventatives

Most natural tick preventatives use essential oils. The oils repel ticks and other critters due to the way they smell. Depending on the critter, essential oils may also kill off infestations. Essential oil use in cats and dogs can be controversial; it’s hard to unpack these products in one blog post.

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When considering natural tick preventatives, it’s best to do your due diligence. Review the essential oil blend that is used in the product. Ask yourself what, if anything, makes the essential oil particularly pet-safe. Note that cats can be particularly sensitive to essential oils. And, learn about how the products work both on your pet and against ticks. The more familiar you are the with product, the better you’ll feel about using it.

While “natural” or “non-toxic” tick prevention is readily available, we worry that our area may be too saturated to count on them. We may have too high a tick bite risk to manage solely with essential oil-based sprays and balms. Yes, these products have been shown to work well. They can, however, come with some challenges, which can lead to poor compliance and, therefore, put pets at risk.

Before investing in natural products, be honest with yourself about your ability to use these regularly. Note the frequency with which you need to apply the product to your pet. Will you follow through? Will your pet take to being sprayed with an essential oil blend? Would your pet do better with a collar? Is the collar effective enough in your area and for your lifestyle? Especially in the Connecticut Shoreline, it’s just not worth the risk to choose natural ingredients over efficacy.

Over-the-Counter Tick Preventatives

Unless we are purchasing tick preventatives directly from our veterinarian or finding a natural alternative locally or online, many of us forget that major pet product manufacturers make OTC tick preventatives for cats and dogs. Over-the-counter tick preventatives don’t require a prescription and, similarly to natural preventatives, can be purchased at major retail stores and online. The only catch is, that these OTC products are oftentimes far from natural and contain potentially harmful ingredients, especially if misused.

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Many of the over-the-counter tick preventatives are pesticides, which is why they don’t require prescriptions such as drug-based preventatives. This helpful post from outlines the main differences between OTC preventatives and those that must be purchased with a prescription.

One of our biggest concerns about over-the-counter tick preventatives is that they can be messy and potentially dangerous in untrained hands. Further, they must be species-specific and used properly. If given to the wrong species or applied incorrectly, OTC preventatives can cause a lot of damage and may even lead to death.

Again, these products have their place. For instance, having an OTC flea and tick collar can add a beneficial layer of protection to an already protected pet. We recommend OTC flea and tick collars for a special hike, a vacation to a tick-heavy area, or an afternoon in the woods. Adding the collar to whatever other treatment you use will boost your pet’s protection, just be sure to clear it with your veterinarian.

Prescription Tick Preventatives

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Because ticks are so common in the Connecticut Shoreline, local pet parents should discuss tick protection with a veterinarian. Oral preventatives that have a yummy flavor and are processed through the digestive system are excellent options because they are less messy and easier to administer. They are also processed through the liver, unlike topicals, which are absorbed through the skin.

Your veterinarian will know the latest products and how the ingredients may impact your pet’s overall health. Share your fears and concerns with your veterinarian. Discuss your options until you find something that you’re comfortable with. Whatever you do, don’t skip tick preventatives. Set up calendar alerts, work with your partner or spouse, and ensure your pet gets the protection he or she needs year-round.

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At Shoreline Happy Paws, we take prevention very seriously. We even protect ourselves from tick bites during dog walks and hikes. When we care for your pets, we’ll do whatever we can to ensure they are both healthy and happy. If you are using a flea and tick product that has to be applied before walks, we’re happy to help. Let us know what product, how much, how often to apply, and where we can find it in your home. With the necessary information, we can help you keep your pet safe from unwanted pests and exposure to illnesses.

Shoreline Happy Paws offers professional in-home dog walking and pet sitting services in the following Connecticut Shoreline areas:

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Specializing in cats, dogs, and small animals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team more dedicated to your pet’s wellbeing than us. Please contact us by phone or text at 860-964-0464 or via email at to learn more.

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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