Easter Baskets for Dogs

March 21, 2022
By: Adriana Valle

There are many ways to celebrate Easter and springtime with our pets. Today’s blog includes some of our favorite items to include in Easter baskets for dogs. Next week, we’ll share our favorite cat gifts, or should we say, the Easter Bunny’s favorite cat gifts?!

Stay away from Candy

Due to the sugar content and harmful ingredients, please keep all candy, marshmallows, and chocolate away from household pets. Ingredients like xylitol can be potentially fatal if ingested therefore please take particular care when purchasing and storing these items. 

Prevent Overindulging

Don’t overdo it! Limit the number of treats in your dog’s basket by including only a few unwrapped goodies. The other items should remain in their original packaging and have longer shelf lives. 

Stick to Dog-Safe Surprises

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KONG toys make a great addition to any Easter basket and can provide entertainment and snacks for years to come. Kong sells dog-friendly fillers but the homemade options are endless, including blueberries, bananas, yogurt, and more

A for-dog-only jar of natural peanut butter is a great treat to include in an Easter basket because it has so many uses. PB can be used to fill the inside of a Kong and smeared on a wall for a dog to lick while being bathed or having her nails trimmed. Please be sure you choose the best quality you can afford and verify that it does not contain xylitol.

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Hemp/CBD treats are a delicious snack with anti-inflammatory and calming benefits. We like BakedBones because they make safe and effective CBD products and donate 10% of proceeds to no-kill rescue partners.

Boiled eggs are a staple for kids during Easter celebrations. They are also packed with dog-safe nutrients. When dying the eggs, make sure you use vegetable-based dyes because the shell is a big part of the fun for dogs. Dogs that aren’t used to eating boiled eggs should start with one to avoid stomach upset.

Consider Food Toppers & Supplements

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Canned sardines are an excellent source of Omega-3s and dogs love the flavor of water-packed sardines as a topper for their food. The great thing about canned sardines is that they won’t break the bank and have a very long shelf life.

If you want to restock on your dog’s supplements but want them to be disguised as a treat, consider one of WinPro’s supplement chews for mobility, anxiety, allergies, and/or gut health. Dogs love the flavor of these blood protein treats. And, they are more than just delicious; they are packed with porcine plasma to fight inflammation.

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Celebrate the Season

Finally, add some bright colors and prints with Easter-inspired bandanas, stuffed and rope toys, snuffle mats, and accessories that celebrate the season. 

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Prepare for Spring Travel

One of the best gifts you can give your pets is to have a professional pet sitter care for them while you’re away. If you plan to travel this spring, please contact us to schedule pet care services. We expect travel will be heavier than it has been in the past two years and ask that you please give us ample notice when scheduling to ensure availability.

To learn more about Shoreline Happy Paws and our service areas, contact us via our online form, call 860-964-0464, or email info@cthappypaws.com.

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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