CT Shoreline’s Local Veterinary Practices

April 30, 2024
By: Adriana Valle

Our furry companions (feathery and scaly too!) are family. When they’re under the weather, we want the best possible care for them. But, with so many veterinary options available, how do you choose? While large corporate chains abound, there are many benefits to choosing and supporting CT Shoreline’s local veterinary practices. To learn more about what corporate buy-outs mean for vets and vet med, listen to our friend’s live podcast on the subject here.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: Build Relationships, Build Trust

Local vets are often deeply embedded in the community. They see your pet year after year, getting to know their unique personality and medical history. This familiarity fosters trust, allowing them to provide the best possible care. You’ll likely see the same friendly faces each visit, creating a sense of comfort and continuity for both you and your pet.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: Impact Your local Community

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Choosing a local vet means your money stays local. These practices often employ people from your neighborhood and contribute to the overall economic health of the community. They may also be involved in local animal shelters or sponsor community events, making a positive difference beyond the clinic walls.

Locally owned vet clinics are having a hard time staying competitive as corporate buy-outs rise. To learn about some concerns straight from veterinarians, click here.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: enjoy Personalized Attention

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Local veterinary practices tend to be smaller, allowing for a more personalized touch. You’ll have more time to discuss your pet’s concerns with the vet and get all your questions answered. This personalized attention can be invaluable when your pet is facing a health challenge.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: Advocate for Your Pet

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Local vets are often passionate about animal welfare and committed to preventative care. They’ll likely take the time to discuss preventative measures like vaccinations, parasite control, and healthy diets, helping your pet live a long and healthy life.

In addition, local independently-owned veterinary practices are more likely to engage in conversations about holistic alternatives and options to meet your and your pet’s needs without corporate-established restrictions.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: save money, in most cases

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Locally based and privately owned veterinary practices often offer greater value and cost-savings than corporations. Because local vets own and operate their businesses or have the owner/manager on-site, they can evaluate your pet and work within your budget. Often, at corporate practices, they will require a specific set of diagnostics based off a checklist – some of which a local vet may be willing to delay until a later date, if your budget requires, while still providing exceptional care.

Learn more about how “big vet” is affecting the cost of veterinary care by reading this article from The Atlantic.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: BE A CHEERLEADER

When supporting a small business like a local veterinary clinic, it’s important to practice consumer do’s and avoid consumer don’ts. Following are some ways to be a cheerleader for your local vet practice.

  • Schedule regular checkups: Don’t wait until your pet is sick. Annual wellness checks allow your vet to identify potential problems early.
  • Leave positive online reviews: Positive online reviews can go a long way in attracting new clients to the practice.
  • Recommend them to friends and neighbors: Share your positive experiences with others in your community.
  • Take advantage of their services: Many local vets offer additional services like grooming, nail trims, and nutrition support.

Supporting Your Local Vet Clinic: always choose local

By supporting your local veterinary practice, you’re not just choosing excellent care for your pet, you’re investing in the well-being of your entire community. So next time your pet needs a checkup, consider the local option like the ones below:

Saybrook Veterinary Hospital is locally owned and operated. Under the leadership of Dr. Suzanne Magruder, DVM who still sees patients, Saybrook Vet Hospital is a small clinic focused on providing exceptional care to the Connecticut Shoreline. Their three vets are highly rated in online reviews and have a loyal following.

Clinton Veterinary Hospital is also locally owned and operated. They offer an on-site pharmacy, in-house lab, surgical suites, comprehensive services, and grooming. In addition, they pride themselves on empowering their medical providers to personalize care and partnering with pet parents while promoting health and well-being over the course of a lifetime.

dog walking dog walker ct shoreline

At Shoreline Happy Paws, we are also locally owned and operated. Our dog walking, dog adventure and pet sitting services cater to meeting the needs of local pet parents. As area residents, we are well versed in local pathogens, pests, and challenges like traffic and weather. As locals, we hire locals and promote the local economy. When choosing a pet care provider, whether a vet or a dog walker, we encourage you to reap the benefits of the best pet care by choosing a local provider.

New Shoreline Happy Paws clients can create an account. We will be in touch to further discuss your needs and set you, your family, and your pet(s) up for success. Existing clients may book dog walking, dog hiking, or pet sitting services by logging in to your client profile.

Shoreline Happy Paws serves the following areas of the Connecticut Shoreline:

  • Old Saybrook
  • Essex, Ivoryton & Centerbrook
  • Deep River
  • Chester
  • Westbrook
  • Clinton
  • Old Lyme
  • East Lyme
  • Niantic

Certain Parts and Certain Service Hours in:

  • Lyme and Madison
  • Waterford, New London, Groton
  • Uncasville, Gales Ferry, Mystic, Noank

By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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