Car Safety Equipment for Pets

May 08, 2023
By: Adriana Valle

According to various sources, more than 10,000 dogs are in car accidents each year, getting either injured or killed. Most pet parents don’t consider the devastating scenarios that can result from driving with unsecured pets. Check out last week’s blog to learn more about the dangers of driving with unrestrained companion animals. Today, we’ll focus on ways to keep your pets safe while in the car. Car safety equipment for pets saves lives.

Car Safety for Small Pets


For cats and small dogs, travel carriers are easy to fit into most vehicles. The safest place for pets is in travel carriers placed on the floor behind the passenger seat. The safest carriers for car travel tend to be hard shell carriers like the ones from Pawd®. These types of carriers are also recommended by veterinarians for vet visits. With hard shell carriers, the lid often comes off entirely. These carries allow easier access to the pet, which results in less stress for everyone.

Car Safety for Large Pets

For larger dogs, the best travel crates are made by Impact Dog Crates. Those that can afford these high-end crates find that they are durable, well-designed, and reinforced for safety. While a wire crate is not as safe as an Impact crate, it still has many benefits for vehicular use. First, a crate of any kind will contain the pet to prevent driver distraction. And, a crated dog will allow emergency personnel to approach the car in the case of an accident. A loose pet in the vehicle can become fearful and aggressive during rescue making it dangerous for first responders to get involved.


Car Safety for Pets That Can’t Be Restrained

Pets should not be forced to sit in a crate for extended periods of time if they are visibly uncomfortable or stressed. There are products on the market that allow pets to be safe inside the car and protected in an accident without being crated.

Car Harness for Pets

Harness seat belts connect to a vehicle’s seat belt to ensure that the pet remains in one place during the trip. If sized and used appropriately, these car safety harnesses will also keep the pet from slamming into the windshield or seats in front of them in the case of a collision.


Kurgo makes a crash safety-tested harness that can be used to walk your dog as well as restrain them in the vehicle. Products like Kurgo’s Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Crash Tested Smart Car Dog Harness have multiple sizes, which ensures proper fit. It includes a seat belt loop tether with a carabiner to make it compatible with any car seat belt system. Please note that this particular product is designed for pets weighing a maximum weight of 75 lbs.

Car Seats for Pets


Another great option, especially for smaller pets, is a pet car seat. Pet car seats will take up a seat in the car, making them less practical for larger families. But, they can work well in large enough vehicles. Snoozer Pet Products makes the Lookout II, is raised to allow dogs and cats to look out the window. It’s also made of cozy material to resemble a pet bed. Most importantly, pet car seats usually come with a built-in strap that connects the seat to the pet’s harness, keeping them in the seat if there in an accident. Most pet seats have a maximum capacity of 25-lbs therefore be realistic about your pet’s weight and what will work best for them and your car’s configuration when considering these products.

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At Shoreline Happy Paws, we believe in prevention. While you may spot pet parents driving with their dogs in their laps or cats laying in the back window, know that taking precautions sets you apart as the responsible, dedicated pet parents we know you to be.

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By Adriana Valle

Adriana is the owner and Chief Pet-Loving Officer at Shoreline Happy Paws. She has been a Professional Pet Sitter for over 10 years.

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